• Cheap prices
  • Money-back guarantee and plagiarism-free guarantee
  • Easy-to-use price calculator that is easy to use
  • A great discount system
  • The shortest deadline is 3 hours
  • Many types of services
  • FAQ block
  • Positive reviews
  • Simple process to place an order
  • no links to social media pages



It’s not a secret that the amount of writing services is increasing. As adults debate the legality and ethics of their services and students turn to experts for advice. This popularity, however, leads to the appearance of fraudsters in the marketplace. They pose as competitors and offer essays and other forms of academic work at low charges. These sites lure students with different special deals as well as fake reviews on sites owned by third parties.

In the past, I would often purchase writing assignments, essays, and case studies from writing companies. I had a lot of trouble managing time, and I would remember the assignments at the last minute. You may have noticed that I’ve been the victim of these fraudulent companies. Additionally, I have had to deal with inferior services. Furthermore, I have had a few instances where I have blown my money on services because I was not attentively reading these Terms and Conditions. I’m generally a professional with plenty of knowledge!

When I realized this, I wasn’t alone. Everyone needs someone to guide us through the writing market. I’ll go on a bit more about it I’ve decided to be this person! I’ve been through enough knocks that I know what to look out for. For a long time, I’ve helped students find trustworthy services and expose fraudsters. Today we’ll discuss Review 



By the Terms and Conditions of Use, the website is owned by Coreforce Ltd, situated in Larnaca, Cyprus. Review 

The company also operates and manages other writing services, including My Essays, Write My Essays, My Admissions Essay as well as Paper Help. I’ve looked over them and am confident that they are all trustworthy! Review 

I decided to look up the year that was the founding year of Studdit. I regretted that I could not discover any information about the history of the site and I turned to Web Archive. The website declared that the writing service was launched in 2013. Review 

It has helped students with their writing for eight years! Impressive! Let’s take a look at Studded to see what it’s worth.

Pros and Pros and

Pros and Pros and


  • The website is amazing! There’s a user-friendly price calculator that is located on the homepage. Clients can view the estimated cost before having to place an order. You can specify your academic degree and the kind of paper you’re looking for a number, the quantity, and the deadline, and Bob is your uncle! There is no need to sign up to log in, sign in, or delete your email, and you will receive a variety of email newsletters.
  • Concerning the price, the writing service has extremely low rates compared with other websites! Students who are unable to manage to make ends meet can afford any kind of essay. After analyzing over 50 different writing sites, I have them divided into three categories: low-cost prices, mid-priced, and high prices. The low-cost websites are my top choices! I’m ecstatic when websites charge a small amount for top quality! The site Studdit is certainly one of them.
  • Additionally is that it offers an offer system! New customers can enjoy 15 percent off their first purchase. This is a must-see deal! The banner appears nearly as soon as you access the site. There are also discounts for repeat customers. But, I’ll discuss this in greater detail when I write the review.
  • The authors of Studdit will are willing to take super urgent orders! Ace! I’m sure I’m far from the first to forget about deadlines or put things off until the very end of the day. The shortest deadline is 3 hours, which is ideal for students (and adults as well). However, I’d like to make you aware of how much earlier the deadline for the essay is due, the higher the cost. The time is money!
  • If writing services are something new to those who are new to it, take a look at the step-by-step guide for placing an order. It’s a great idea for Studdit to create the instructions! Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with my work and it’s hard for me to focus on the basics and I’m way off-target. Do you get my drift? I’m sure you do!
  • When you place an order, you’ll discover the variety of services this site provides! I was amazed! There are dissertations, essays and homework assignments, admissions, and many more. Studdit can indeed provide all the information you require!
  • If you’re still unsure You can search for the answer in the FAQ section. As an example, I learned that the writers on their site are native English natives from the UK as well as Canada, the US, Australia, and Canada. This is a great place to begin!
  • Furthermore, there are excellent reviews of the company and its products. Furthermore is that there are videos of reviews! It’s a keeper! To me, this is an indication of the authenticity of feedback.

In the case of evaluating the writing service, I know what I am talking about! I study the history of their company take into consideration the pros and cons of each and examine the quality of their papers and other items. I cannot be without a discussion of the negatives of Studded! But, you should be realistic since there is only one negative aspect.


There aren’t any links to social media sites. I believe that each one of you has attended my talk about the importance of creating your brand on social media. If not, be sure to read my other reviews as this is a frequent occurrence. The future of social media lies in the digital age!

Services of various types

Services of various types

In the past, I’ve discussed the issue of types of services. Let me discuss it in more depth. To find the most popular kinds, hit the `Services tab. Studded provides:

  • Essay;
  • Research paper
  • Coursework;
  • Dissertation;
  • Questions and Answers;
  • Case study. Review 

The complete list of services can be found during the order process. For instance, you could also purchase editing or proofreading, or rewriting. Review 



Pricing policies are a vital aspect of any writing service. For students, one of the most important elements is the price. Most of them need to take on work and study to not invest more amount of money. That’s why writing companies are more likely to go with the lower-cost market. Every student is looking to cut costs! Even if you provide the highest quality paper at an expensive price, most likely your company won’t be in high demand.

It’s not just a coincidence! There, you won’t discover expensive rates. The majority of services are priced reasonably. Review 

As I’ve already mentioned that you can save up to 15 percent off your first purchase. To get this discount it is possible to apply coupons from the pop-up banner, or the main page. Review 

By FAQ, returning customers will continue to save money through Studdit. They can thus receive from 5 to 10% off of their next order that exceeds 1000$ or 500$. Review 

In addition during the year, you’ll get special offers delivered to your inbox. Nice!



The quality of service is among the most important factors to consider when choosing a writing service. Because students don’t have the money to afford to make a bad decision. So, I believe I must thoroughly examine all the guarantees the website offers and try their services myself. This brings me to return to Studdit.

The website states that the creators are native English speakers from the UK and Australia, the US, Australia, and Canada. Review 

Additionally, some performers do not speak native English however, they can speak the language at an advanced level. However, I couldn’t get specific information about how authors are enrolled in the workforce.

The company provides a Money-Back Guarantee. Students can receive between 50 percent to 100 percent of their total payment returned in situations as per the regulations. Review 

If there is a problem If there are any issues, the student has the option of sending his work in return to its author to have it revised. The business determines the percentage of plagiarism acceptable in the Terms and Conditions and it is 10 percent. If your essay is not in line with this standard, you can also return it for a revision. Review 

I was somewhat confused about the fact that some people on Studdit authors aren’t native speakers. I am a stickler for detail! This is why I chose to purchase the essay Literature about what it means to be a Narrator in the story by Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Blue Carbuncle. Another thing about me is that I am a huge fan of Conan Doyle’s work! Conan Doyle! When I was a kid I always dreamed of being Sherlock Holmes. I’m serious! So, I am beginning to draw similarities. I also look into firms to find out if they are exposing fraudsters!

Therefore, I selected the standard writer category since it was required to test the English proficiency of a non-native English speaker. I also included the plagiarism report. While I review all my texts on my own using an account that I pay for on Grammarly I wanted to learn the services used by Studdit.

I was stunned. The essay is fantastic! I indeed had no concerns about the grammar constructs and the language used. Wow. The writer delivered my essay just a few days before the deadline, and I reached out to him several times on my account while preparing. According to various reports on plagiarism, just 2% of the plagiarism was discovered in the essay. We will elaborate that it was due to the need to quote the source. This is the cause!

Customer Support

Customer Support

You have three options to get in touch with the Studded Customer Support team

  • via phone: +18885300874 (USA toll-free)
  • through online chat. Review 

I am a huge fan of talking, particularly with managers! I’m not just an avid chatterbox, but I’m gifted with the gab. That’s my friends’ opinion about me! I’ll admit it: I enjoy pounding the customer service team with a myriad of questions. I’ll ask them questions regarding the form of order, writer’s credentials as well as the various types of payments, and more. The Studded managers If you’re reading my post, I’m sorry! But, in this manner, I’m trying to test their product and provide you with my honest opinion. The last time I spoke with them, I was thrilled to talk with the team. They respond quickly! Review 

How to place an order

How to place an order

The ordering process takes a couple of minutes. I’ll leave you with the hassle. There is no requirement to register or sign in first!

In the initial stage, it is necessary to provide general information about your document.

It duplicates the same categories you filled in on the calculator online:

  • Academic level
  • Paper type;
  • Quantity of words/papers;
  • Deadline.

The next step is that you will need to provide the instructions for your paper. Furthermore, you may choose the writer’s classification:

  • Basic writer;
  • Advanced writer;
  • Top writer.

The website states that its authors are native English speakers. However, the top writer is charged an additional fee. I decided to address this with the support staff. Managers said that the majority of the writers are natives of the country. But, there is an element of the team who are from other countries.

If you are a fan of a particular artist, input his name and ID and we will assign him the next time you place an order. You can also select the level of service either VIP or standard. I’m feeling like I’ve been there before! All websites run by Coreforce Ltd have the same purchase form.

The best part is the list of additional services that you can add to your purchase. Each of them, except for basic English prices, ranges between 3.99dollars up to 14.99dollars. It’s fair enough!

In the next step, the final step is to register and log into your account, select the method of payment you want to use, and transfer your funds in the direction of the writer service.

In the fourth phase, you will monitor your order.

That’s all, folks! Review 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The writing service provides reviews on its homepage. There are currently more than 210 reviews, which include videos of reviews. Review 

I studied them and put together an outline of the benefits that users are claiming:

  • good grammar;
  • respect of deadlines
  • no plagiarism;
  • prompt customer service.

I was able to find out that a user who was named Rob requested Studded to develop an application that would work on iOS as well as Android. And I can relate! The majority of us spend our time on smartphones. This is the reason why the desktop version of the website is no longer relevant. Review 

Social Media

Social Media

In my discussion of the pros and cons of using social media, I mentioned the lack of social network links in the list of cons. I think this is an exhaustive outline.



All good things must indeed come at the end of their journey. This is the case in this review! I can say I was completely satisfied. Even though the organization that runs Studdit also owns a variety of additional writing service providers, they’re all trustworthy. Students can select the right kind of service from a comprehensive selection. Additionally, they can figure out the cost estimate of their work without registration as well as other things that take time. There is no need to spend a lot on your essay writing, as the fees are less than the average. In addition, you will get a discount with the help of promo codes and different discounts. The managers of the website will help you from placing your order, to handing in the completed document to the manager. If you need to, you can call the support department. If you’re not pleased with the outcome You can request free revisions or a refund.

Although there aren’t any reviews on websites that are not owned by third parties, however, there are many reviews on the main page of the site. I’ll also add an ad for Studded! I’ve already tried their services. The ball is now at your feet!

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