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QuickWriter.com offers a professional writing solution that's in a class that is it's own. It's costly, but the way it differentiates itself from other competitors is the speedy quality, top-quality writing solutions (hence its name).
  • Great support
  • Money-back guarantee and plagiarism-free guarantee
  • Simple process to place an order
  • Native English writers
  • 24/7 Customer Center
  • Mediocre quality for such prices
  • no links to social media pages
  • Sometimes there are small typos

QuickWriter.com offers a professional writing solution that’s in a class that is it’s own. It’s costly, but the way it differentiates itself from other competitors is the speedy quality, top-quality writing solutions (hence its name).

Their team is comprised of the industry’s top experts, which the website refers to in the form of “the most effective 2% of writers.” These are all native English users who can complete projects of various complexity and have a great deal of success with short deadlines (the maximum turnaround is three hours).

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, QuickWriter may not be the most cost-effective option that’s available. However, it is a winner in that it meets students’ demands in a manner that similar organizations don’t.

With the help that is carefully selected, and verified specialists, QuickWriter offers different types of academic papers that are top-quality. Each essay is created from scratch and is written according to the specifications a client specifies. Free revisions add value.

The selection of original essays you can order from us includes among others dissertations, essays research papers thesis, term papers and resumes, newspaper articles and business plans, website content, and other items. Editing and proofreading are included in this service.

Reputation & Reviews

Reputation & Reviews

I found QuickWriter via I came across QuickWriter through a Google search. Before trying the service I did decide to investigate TrustPilot along with Sitejabber (those was the very first review platform that came into my mind).

A search on TrustPilot did not yield any results (perhaps it is my turn to be the person to write the very first QuickWriter.com review) Searching through Sitejabber resulted in seven reviews.

The majority of QuickWriter.com reviews follow the similar theme of amazingawesome great, awesome, etc. The review that I will remember most vividly is one where students were asked to make sketches of zombies and to come up with their descriptions. The zombie concept was something that got me interested. It was like, “What an odd and scary job, however, if a company can handle an event such as that, it’s doing well.” Additionally, I saw that one of the team replied to the reviews that were submitted. That’s a sign of something, isn’t it?

It also appeared that the design of the site had received an overhaul.

The website is a good example the new design is pleasing to the eye and is modern, possibly due to the gorgeous color scheme and fonts, along with the addition of animation. The website is simple to navigate.



Are QuickWriter.com an appropriate place to buy papers? To answer this question, I read through the terms and Conditions. (Normally I don’t read this, but this time I was determined to go into the details because this is my first experience using an organization like this.) While it’s quite lengthy it gives you an idea of the kind of service you are likely to get. As I got to the final page, I realized the specifics of what the service can offer and how it operates, and, most important, what kind of guarantee it offers to its customers.

There is first an option to get a refund. This is different in that it’s for 60 days instead of 30 days.

A customer can claim the full amount of their refund in several instances: when a document is not received on time and/or wasn’t delivered in the event of plagiarism. A customer may be eligible for a 50 percent refund, if, say, they change their mind after a while (though I’m wondering why anyone would ever do this). In the event of mistakes in grammar or punctuation, you could be entitled to the possibility of a refund of up to 30 percent. I’d like to think all of the choices are well-known because the company employs some of the finest academic talent available. However, each available option is offered and aisas it ought to be for any quality service, so that’s an important plus.

Revisions for free are also offered and the procedure for the process isn’t much different from similar services. The difference is that you are given 10 days instead of seven. The only problem I’ve encountered in free changes is that you are not able to modify your instructions after the order is placed. I’m assuming that this restriction must have a reason. Therefore, stating the goal of your essay clear at the beginning would be the most effective way to go. I didn’t need to ask for revisions since my book review proved to be exactly as I imagined it to be, however, should I feel that it lacked something, I would.

Sign-Up Method

Sign-Up Method

Before I could experience the writing services I signed up with the website. Sign-up is easy and it doesn’t take too long and there’s no need to get into a lot of detail. One more thing is that it appears that the site has secure encryption which keeps your data secure. The seal on the right-hand side of the page indicates exactly that.

QuickWriter.com Review

Sorts of Services

Sorts of Services

There are three major options to pick editing, writing, or proofreading. The option titled “Other” can be explained in the next paragraph.

The information in the QuickWriter.com review is, first and foremost the writing services that I have used.

The Ordering Process

The Ordering Process

They don’t include every kind of paper they work on across the pages of their website. Once you’ve gotten to the drop-down menu for project types menu when you fill out their order forms, you’ll know the extent of the work they can complete. The list of possibilities is quite impressive!

QuickWriter.com Review

QuickWriter provides a variety of paper types that cater to students at college, school, and even master’s degree students. These include:

  • Essays (incl. the application process, entry, IB extended, and essay on scholarship)
  • Research Papers and proposals
  • Papers for Term
  • Coursework
  • Case studies
  • Speeches
  • Dissertations (all chapters, or just individual ones like abstracts, conclusions, and so on.)
  • Theses
  • PowerPoint slides (with or without notes from the speaker)
  • Bibliographies with annotations
  • Article critique and reviews
  • Assessments
  • Biographies
  • Reviews of the book (it’s that one I purchased as part of my class in Psychology)
  • Plans for business and proposal
  • BVC model answers
  • Capstone projects
  • Lab reports
  • Movie and literary reviews
  • Marketing plans
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Ph.D. model answers
  • Poems
  • Questionnaires
  • Problem solution
  • Short stories
  • Speeches
  • SWOT analysis
  • Web-based content
  • Other (whatever you’d like to add)

As you can see, the list of possibilities goes without stopping.

The order form is comprised of four steps. In each step, you will be asked to provide the type of information that is essential to your project and/or your order. This includes:

1. Personal information;

2. The most important details of your essay;

3. Instructions;

4. Review and confirmation.

I completed the application within less than five minutes. Here’s what I was most surprised by. In step 2 for instance, when you share the main points of your essay You have the choice of selecting a particular writer for your assignment this is quite impressive because similar services do not provide this option. There aren’t any professional profiles on this site, however, should you be an international student who needs an expert speaker for your assignment the only thing you have to do is move the switch to the right side, then select the Fluent speaker.

In the screenshot below, you will see the image below as you can see from the screenshot below, it appears that the native speaker option is enabled as default.

In step 2 you will also be able to set your date for completion.

Step 3 addresses the technical aspects of your essay, such as the title you wish to give the project and line spacing and page count, the formatting style, and the number of sources you’d like to use in your work.

Under Formatting and citation style and Sources under Sources, you can find a section for the project’s details. The project details can also be uploaded at the end of the project and are extremely convenient as your teacher could intervene later, and give the vision they have for your project.

The final step will allow you to choose the top two experts for your essay. If you wish to choose this option, simply mark the box beneath the summary of your order.

You may have noticed from the image above There’s no further information about some of the services on this order form (though step 4 states that there’s a 60-day money-back assurance).

For instance, the only mention of a plagiarism-free report is in the section on pricing on the site. (According to the website’s site’s homepage, every piece of work is checked for plagiarism two times.) However, there’s no box to tick on your order forms. Furthermore, I was puzzled by the fact that I believed that the plagiarism report would come along with my essay as a standard. It’s true that a brand new customer, as I was back then and would require additional evidence that the work is genuine I’m sure. To request it, I called the customer support team. Read on for my own experiences regarding my experience with the Customer Support Team (which were excellent).

To summarize While some may think that your ordering form is too complicated to fill in, the fields are included to serve a purpose, and they (as the information they ask you to provide) help in getting you the exact paper you’re looking for.

The form is well-organized The system will make sure you’ve filled in all of the essential information before moving through the process.

Pricing & Payment

Pricing & Payment

The lowest prices are the following:

The cost of writing: $5.85 per 100 words;

Editing costs: $3.90 each 100-word document;

The cost of proofreading is $3.32 for 100 words.

QuickWriter.com Review

The costs for writing assignments that do not fit into any of three types (writing editing, editing, and the process of proofreading) are calculated as a whole. Such papers may constitute ‘unconventional’ projects like quizzes, experiments, etc. The cost of each project is likely to be based on its difficulty as well as its “rareness.” Based on the website anyone interested in an assignment in the “Other” section will receive an individual price. I’ve not tried this method I’m not able to tell you any more about it than the information I’ve provided.

I thought it odd to see the “price for each word” policy to be a bit odd when I first heard about it (I have always believed it was easier to count pages instead of words). Then, I relaxed when I realized that they’ve got an electronic converter built-in in the form of order.

After I completed every field I realized that at 3 pages with double spacing only one source of information to use as well as a deadline of 3 days to meet, the cost that I would have to pay for my book’s review could come to a just under $100.

Initially, I was dismayed by the expensive cost of my essay however, once I got the final draft I knew immediately that the price was worth it.

In terms of payment options, You can play many of them, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, and more. Since I’m an iPhone user, I made a payment using Apple Pay (I have an iPhone 12). If you’re wondering, Apple Pay works just as well on older versions of the iPhone.

Paper Quality

Paper Quality

As with any new service, whether writing or non-writing I was anxious when I made my first order. This was primarily because the cost is more than other original writing services offered (as my research goes).

Because I’m the type of person who hates making requests for refunds, and all the wrangling associated with it, and also because it’s not a guarantee of getting my money back if I didn’t love the final product, I desired my paper to be perfect right from the beginning. Not just great, but as excellent (or do I mean top-of-the-line?) as their website says every single one of their projects is. Therefore, I thought that my paper must be exactly that, or else I’d be disappointed.

QuickWriter surpassed my expectations and gave me one of the most insightful book reviews I’ve read. (The book at issue can be found in David Hawkins’ Letting Go: The Pathway to Acceptance.)

While I thought that it was impossible to write a summary of an almost 400-page book on a three-page document, the expert who was responsible for it did his job exceptionally efficiently. My teacher (who frequently claims that he’s been through the novel more than he remembers) could have been a bit surprised by the writer’s lack of reading this book. And my professional did. However, it’s lengthy and often requires multiple readings. It was quite a feat when you consider that the deadline was three days. The maximum deadline for a turnaround, by the way, is 3 hours!!

What do I have to say? I’m certain that David Hawkins would have been pleased. I couldn’t spot any mistakes or typos. The paper was well-organized and the text was dotted with the perfect quantity of quotations and references. The reference list was well-written, and not automatically generated. Furthermore, my specialist appeared to be an expert in APA style.

Overall I was very impressed and, in the end, it was worth it. The plagiarism report that I requested be provided with my paper confirmed what I had already known that my book review was 100 100% authentic.

Customer Service

Customer Service

As I said earlier in my review, up to now I’ve only spoken to the support team only once. They responded to me very fast (one more nod to the name). The person I spoke with via phone was friendly and appeared to be genuinely keen to respond to my question regarding this plagiarism investigation.

From the one-time chat with their support staff, I’d guess they’re specialists on the other side who are both accommodating and helpful.

Complimentary Services and the Loyalty Program

Complimentary Services and the Loyalty Program

QuickWriter offers a wide range of free services that are available to customers. These include a no-cost draft with no obligation to make revisions for 10 days, an evolving delivery as well as a no-cost plagiarism report on the request. The company also offers an extensive loyalty program built around cumulative spending. It is a program that you can join automatically when you place your first purchase. Every dollar you spend, you earn an additional bonus.

Although the loyalty program might be limited to three levels each level introduces a greater – and more importantly, a fixed (!) – discount. The discount will impact your subsequent documents once you have accumulated the number of discount points per level. The maximum you can earn here is a lifetime discount of 15.



I’m certain that once you’ve had a go, QuickWriter.com will become your destination for everything writing. There are three schools of writers available that include native English speakers, and experts at the top 2. The prices might be a little higher than you’d think of from a typical writing service, but the quality of the writing is certainly worth the cost. If someone with a limited budget may be thinking of switching to an alternative writing service, they’ll reconsider once they have a look at the final product in its full splendor.

The Reasons for This Service

The Reasons for This Service

Excellent quality of documents and free services; 100 100% original content by the top experts; an individual method of writing. A straightforward yet effective loyalty program that lets you substantially save on future projects.

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