PremierEssay Review

PremierEssay Review
PremierEssay is a standard essay writing service that offers nothing more than the lowest quality essays. Its prices aren't the lowest you will discover on the Internet however, thanks to the generous promo code, you can enjoy substantial price savings.
PremierEssay is a standard essay writing service that offers nothing more than the lowest quality essays. Its prices aren't the lowest you will discover on the Internet however, thanks to the generous promo code, you can enjoy substantial price savings.

Executive Summary

Overall Rating – 2.5The Lowest Price – is $13.00Minimum Deadline – 3.0 Hours
  • Good lifetime discounts
  • Helpful customer support
  • A refund policy that is not legitimate
  • Writers don’t do their best
  • Prices are higher than the average

PremierEssay is a standard essay writing service that offers nothing more than the lowest quality essays. Its prices aren’t the lowest you will discover on the Internet however, thanks to the generous promo code, you can enjoy substantial price savings. But it’s not going to improve the situation as their writers will prefer to write their essays instead of creating their own. Be aware of their money-back guarantee policy as it’s not as easy and tidy as it might appear at first sight.

PremierEssay about


Service Review

PremierEssay… This website looks like something out of the past. It was at first I was thinking it was a site that was in the 1990s. This is why it’s an old-fashioned style. But, I discovered that it was released in 2013. In fact, at the time, people were already creating attractive websites that had modern-day designs.


Online Reputation

Is premier essay safe? I wanted to find out by reading some of the client’s reviews online. As usual, I checked TrustPilot as well as Sitejabber. I read hundreds of top essay reviews there. Overall, the rating was above average, which is a 3.9 out of five ratings on SiteJabber and 4 ratings on Trustpilot.

That’s quite a good result. But I wanted to know the reason this tiny proportion of customers were not happy with the service. Below are the comments I found.

There were complaints about the speedy delivery. It is better to speak of the irregularity of delivery. One customer placed an order urgently but did not arrive on time. The phone number was not given attention.

Another complaint was regarding the low quality of writing as well as the lack of credible sources that writers utilize when working on the assignment.

There were also allegations that their refund process is fraud and that they do not refund the entire amount of money. So, I believe it is time to take some time to learn about the terms and conditions of their use to know if the claims are true and not just a few comments from those who hate them.



Is PremierEssay legit? I looked over the refund policy of the premier essay and was not impressed with the majority of the information I read. First of all, the company will accept the delivery date and is willing to pay an additional 7% of the price in such a situation.


For many clients, receiving an order in time is far greater than other compensation. In addition, it’s paying back the money that has already been paid for because the original instructions were not followed and the business has to calculate the price of the order by the delivery date and refund the funds. In reality, the company won’t pay you any money, but it refunds your money because the deadline has been altered.

Terms of Use

Another thing I would like to inform you about is the possibility of revisions. Be cautious when requesting them in the future, as afterward, you might not receive a refund greater than 70 percent of the original amount that you paid.


The reason is that payment cannot be more than 70% since revisions are based on rewriting and changes, and then customers accept that only a portion of the document requires revisions. This is absurd to me.

Revisions are an opportunity for customers to offer to the company to rectify their errors. However, it is revealed that the business is doing the customer a favor by agreeing to the request for revision. This isn’t right and this premier essay scam policy clarifies to me the reason why these customers were so upset and wrote such a negative review about PremierEssay.

Types of Service

Types of Service

The range of services offered by PremierEssay is approximately one dozen, however, I was able to distinguish only the few that are distinct from one another as the rest are the same. There, you can purchase the paper you need to be written from an essay to a dissertation.

You can select the editing and proofreading option if, for instance, you have written a piece by yourself. An expert can make the needed corrections. Additionally, there are options for resume/CV writing and copywriting. Technically, PremierEssay can assist you with any task that requires writing assistance in all senses of the word.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

The form for ordering comprises three stages and can be found on the majority of writing agencies’ websites. In the initial stage, you will provide a basic outline regarding your order. In the next step, you will provide more details and you can also add additional services. At the end of the process, you must confirm the purchase and log into your account in case you haven’t completed it already.


Prices along with Fees


The prices are higher than the average. 13 dollars for an essay for high school is the lowest price that you could pay. It’s not nearly as much as some companies might cost, however, many companies require lesser, like 10 dollars or as low as 9 dollars for the same kind of paper with a deadline.

If you click on the banner located near the end of the website there is the premier essay discount coupon that will get the user a 20% discount on the first purchase you make through PremierEssay.

I also came across some deals for customers who are returning. The more you buy from PremierEssay the more lifetime discount you’ll get. A maximum discount of 15% is available, however, first, you have to purchase a minimum of 100 pages from this site.


Paper Quality

The person who wrote my paper didn’t attempt to find the top possible sources for my paper. It appears that he simply looked up my subject and did a rewrite of the initial 2 or perhaps 3 websites that he discovered.

My essay was unique as per a plagiarism test However, that wasn’t creating the paper from scratch as the professor promised. The writer didn’t do the necessary analysis as I requested. It was merely a rewritten document that met the required number of words and also the level of plagiarism.

Customer Support

Customer Support

This department does a good job. David who I spoke to was extremely quick with his responses and was not frustrating, even though he tried convincing me to work with their top and premium writers. My overall impression was positive and I am completely content with the service that I got from David.

Offers and Additional Services

Offers and Additional Services

Here, I’ll provide the complete list of services that PremierEssay offers its clients. From my perspective, most of them aren’t worth it. For instance, the authenticity report. Do you know the reason I should need it when you guarantee to provide 100% original work? What do you think of an expert proofreading service for 5 dollars per page?

Why should I be paying more for the services you’re supposed to provide to me at a premium quality? I don’t understand the motive behind these additional services, other than an attempt to make more money from your customers.

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