In the following review, I'm going to look at a company for essay writing that isn't new to this field. 

Executive Summary

Overall Rating – 2.5The Lowest Price – $11.14Minimum Deadline – 1.0 Hours
  • Excellent price
  • Claim to only hire ENL writers
  • 15% first order discount
  • Samples that are no longer valid
  • Controversial online reputation
  • Extra features are annoying.

In the following review, I’m going to look at a company for essay writing that isn’t new to this field. They claim they have only ENL writers and provide skewed low prices for this type of service. Their online reputation is a source of controversy and is ranging from “excellent services” to “incredibly incompetent.” There’s a wide range of reviews which all have various opinions, which could be confusing to those who have never been on this site before. If you’re looking to get an opinion founded on facts, not on suggestions, check out this review to find out the advantages that PayForEssay has to offer.

Service Review

Service Review

According to the information PayForEssay has posted on the About Us page, the business has been operating since 2012. At first, they offered only assistance with writing dissertations, but later they expanded their scope of services and brought in writers to write research papers, essays, and various other kinds of work.

Their staff is estimated to be three thousand writers. They also claim to have Ph.D. experts in dissertations as well as writers who have master’s degrees for other jobs. If this is true, then your college essay is written by an expert. PayForEssay will also guarantee that all of its authors are native English speakers.

I viewed the samples I saw on PayForEssay The samples I saw were of excellent quality. However I paid focused on the list of sources, and I was disappointed. Nearly 95% of the sources employed in the samples were out of date.

If you are writing an academic piece You are not allowed to reference sources that are more than five years. So, if the year is 2018 and you are writing your paper, the most recent source you have in your list of references needs to be 2013. If not, the reference list will not be seen as reliable by your professor. If you submit a piece that includes this list of references, you can be certain you’ll never receive an A regardless of whether the paper is excellent.

Consider that the samples provided by companies tend to be better than the documents they compose. Therefore, if they fail to make the right mistakes in their examples, it means that the company is not as good as it appears at first.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation

The reputation of the company online is not a good one. On the other side, I read numerous positive reviews about it. On the other hand, some of the customers are extremely unhappy with the quality of the papers they received. Compare positive reviews with these and some negative reviews I read on a different website: Online Reputation Online Reputation Online Reputation Online Reputation

One thing is common to all negative feedback. Many complain about the quality of the article they received as if it were written by someone who doesn’t have the ability to speak English very well. Since all negative reviews are based on the same issue I am skeptical about the company. Now, I’m trying to answer one question that is posed by everyone who is who are interested in this writing business, “Is safe?” Let’s find out about other options they have to offer.


Guarantees Guarantees

Is legit? To answer the question above, we’ll look at what assurances PayForEssay gives its clients. They guarantee that the essay will be written only by an experienced English native English. They also provide unlimited revisions within 14 days of receiving the essay.

Contrary to other writing firms, PayForEssay doesn’t guarantee 100 100% original assignment. The service permits the customer to use at least 5% non-original content. The company states that this is a reasonable margin, however, it may not be for all assignments and professors that you’ll need.

The company doesn’t offer a 100% assurance of timely delivery. They explicitly state that occasionally the deadline may be missed. While it is just 3% of the time, in all the cases I’m sure that no one would like to be one of those lucky students who receive their essays late due to… It does not know, but it is probably an important factor.

Types of Service

Types of Service

PayForEssay offers a regular kind of service. I did not find any special deals that you can’t find in different online writing companies. I’d say here you will find the same kind of work that is provided by all writing firms.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process Ordering Process

I wasn’t satisfied with the order process. You’re aware that I’ve encountered a number of different order forms. Some were easy and thorough, while others were complex and included too many mandatory fields. The PayForEssay order form appears expensive and looks embarrassing.

Furthermore to that, certain options like a TOP writer as well as notifications via SMS have already been picked, although I didn’t request these features. The general rule is that these two options can increase the price of your work by 30% to 40 percent. Personally, I am not a fan of making any changes to your order forms without getting my permission. Are they trying to gain more money from customers who do not even know that these choices were made? If yes, then PayForEssay has a very shaky approach to customer service.

Prices as well as Fees

Prices as well as Fees

What is the price PayForEssay offer its customers? I’d say that the price of their paper is reasonably priced. Not the most affordable is available on the Internet however, it’s not as excessive as some companies demand these services. The cost for a single-page essay that has a deadline of 14 days is $13.18.

If the price is too expensive and you’re not satisfied, this business offers a 15% initial order discount. This is a significant benefit particularly if you consider that they don’t charge customers with expensive costs.

Paper Quality

Paper Quality

I have no doubts that the piece it came from was created in the style of the ENL writer. The quality of English was acceptable however, it was not quite perfect. Particularly, when you consider the statement of the company that PayForEssay initially only worked on dissertations. My order was not without minor mistakes, but I did not request a correction. To me, this was sufficient to realize that the business does not hire only native English writers, as they claim.

Customer Support

Customer Support Customer Support

I wasn’t happy with my interaction with a customer support rep. I inquired about a policy on refunds and she informed me about the number of revisions. I tried to find out the circumstances in which I could receive a full refund, but I didn’t receive an exact explanation or clear answer. The representative always informed me that all claims for the refund process are considered through their QAD.

Then, I decided to give up because I was in the process of receiving the information that I was most interested in. Additionally, the customer service was not as fast as I have experienced following other writing websites. My conclusion is that PayForEssay must adopt some steps to make their customer support team more friendly.

Offers and Additional Services

Offers and Additional Services

I’m going to conclude this PayForEssay review by providing additional offers that a business offers. You can get an experienced writer who will charge you more than 30% of the cost. A plagiarism report costs $14.99. For a one-page summary, the cost is an additional $24.99.

Additionally, there is a feature known as a priority order that costs $9.99. They claim that this purchase will become the very first one to be taken by writers. But, for me, it’s an unnecessary expense. Writers will take orders that they are able to complete. If your request appears simple to an author, he will consider it regardless.

Another feature that has me off my feet. The company also offers an extra QAD test. I’ve not understood why I need to pay extra to have someone proofread my essay. I pay you to receive a professional paper but I need to pay you again to ensure that everything was done properly. What?? The last sentence in this article is cost. The feature costs around 95% of the cost customers pay to place their purchase. In all honesty, I have no reason why anyone would need to pay so much to proofread.



Is PayForEssay legit?

They offer the appearance of legitimate writing services, but they’re not able to provide anything. There is no guarantee of time-to-delivery or paper originality So, so ordering from them is a bit risky for students.

Is PayForEssay a scam?

The company is legitimate and provides assistance to students in their academics. But, the promises from ENL authors are total fraud, since the money I spent on this kind of writer, and received the wrong paper.

Is PayForEssay reliable?

PayForEssay could be a good option for you if your instructor isn’t demanding you to submit your work because I noticed mistakes in my essay. Be aware that there’s no speedy delivery guarantee, therefore the risk of ordering urgent papers is high.

Is PayForEssay safe?

I can’t call a business secure if they don’t promise prompt delivery and paper originality! The unlimited number of revisions that are free is nice however it’s not logical in the event that the deadline is missed.

Is PayForEssay an authentic company?’s reputation online is a bit shaky. The reviews are split into two categories, 5-star reviews, and one-star feedback. The main issue is that the reviewer is not speaking English! I would not consider this company credible.

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