PaperNow Review

PaperNow Review
PaperNow has seen some recognition recently and is now the focus of this article. PaperNow's prices are more expensive than average, but does their quality exceed average? Let's take a look.
PaperNow has seen some recognition recently and is now the focus of this article. PaperNow's prices are more expensive than average, but does their quality exceed average? Let's take a look.

Executive Summary

Overall Rating – 3The Lowest Price – $9.12Minimum Deadline – 1.0 Hours
  • Supports are fast and efficient
  • Direct contact with the writer
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Hidden money-back guarantee
  • Costs are expensive
  • If your order is delivered after the deadline, you might not receive a refund.

PaperNow has seen some recognition recently and is now the focus of this article. PaperNow’s prices are more expensive than average, but does their quality exceed average? Let’s take a look.

Service Review

Service Review is a customized writing service that offers a variety of writing assistance for students who require it. The company claims to have been available on the internet for ten years.

When I checked their domain, I discovered that it was registered in the year 2016. It is clear that this assertion about the experience of 10 years is not the case.

It did ruin my initial impression, but it’s not a huge deal. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation

When I searched for reviews, I was surprised by what I discovered. There are some reviews on review sites that promote their own products which is why they’re not a great source to determine if Papernow is legitimate or a fraud. The editors didn’t provide much aid either as I was unable to locate any discussion on the Papernow Reddit.

In fact, I’ve read many critiques of the Papernow organization on the Internet however they were not very useful. However, there are some good reviews available on Trustpilot. There are only three reviews and they’re all good which is a little suspicious.

It’s awe-inspiring to find a custom writing service not to have negative reviews. Therefore, I looked deeper and in the end, I came across a negative review that was similar to many of the negative reviews.

I believe that I believe that this study is well worth a look since it aids in understanding the actual situation. Without it, we won’t be able to identify the peculiarities which are crucial for forming an impartial opinion.

After reading a few reviews, I was unable to get a complete picture prior to making an order. However, let’s first take an overview of Papernow’s refund policy.



I tried for a while to find a Papernow refund policy and money-back guarantee policies, but gave up and asked for assistance from a support agent.

I want to note the fact that their refund policy is very clear to the point where they talk about late delivery. The policy states that if the paper is not delivered by the deadline because of unexpected circumstances on the side the side, you might not be legally entitled to a reimbursement. This isn’t easy because you might not require this particular paper as they’d have messed up your submission before.

The final sentence of their policy of theirs is more confusing “Please ensure that you are aware that any deviation in delivery time is not subject to reimbursement.”This implies that even if they sent the essay after the deadline and you didn’t submit it by the deadline, you will get no reimbursement at all. Be aware.

Another interesting point is that the disclaimer regarding the true reason for writing papers is obscured. It’s virtually unnoticeable. It is clear that documents cannot be used to earn academic credit and are to be used as use as a reference only. This means that writing services aren’t accountable for the use of their services.

Types of Service

Types of Service

The majority of review claims that the site offers a variety of services that meet the needs of students and meet even the most demanding demands. However, such claims seem excessive.

However, the navigation on the site displays a wide array of offerings, but a lot of them go to the “Guarantees” page. Let’s look at the kinds of services they offer.

  • Argumentative Essay
  • Case Study
  • Personal Statement
  • Assignment
  • Essay
  • Coursework
  • Research Paper
  • Math Problem
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Dissertation
  • Research Proposal
  • Other

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

The ordering process is straightforward You select the kind of work, the deadline, and your desired level.

A one-page essay at the college level and a 20-day deadline cost me $16.70. After I clicked the Order Now button I was directed to the full order form.

Be aware that prices change as SMS Updates, as well as Top Writer features, were automatically added. After you’re finished with your details, click on the REVIEW my order button.

If all the information on your order is correct, then you can make the payment.

Prices along with Fees

Prices along with Fees

I have to say that their prices are expensive considering that you can get an option for a deadline of 20 days. One page at the high school level, with the standard 14-day deadline, will cost $13.18.

The same document, but at the Undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees will set the cost in the range of $18.90, $25.15, and $26.15 in total. It’s odd that the distinction between Master’s and Ph.D. levels is just $1, isn’t it? I couldn’t find any Papernow discount codes. If you’re looking to purchase discount coupons for Papernow then you must ask the support team if there are any discounts at this time.

Paper Quality

Paper Quality

I ordered a single-page movie critique. The essay arrived before the deadline. There weren’t any critical errors, however, there are a few points that I’d like to explore more thoroughly. The first is that the header was not prepared according to APA rules. There were two grammar errors and the summary was longer than the actual review of the film.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Support for customers is great. There are many ways to connect via Facebook Messenger and Live Chat or contact them by phone. They offer quick and efficient help.

It took them less than one minute to reply to my questions. There’s nothing to complain about.

Offers and Additional Services

Offers and Additional Services

You can choose to add extra services during the ordering process.



Is PaperNow legit?

From my viewpoint, it appears that this company isn’t legitimate due to the odd conditions of its money-back guarantee. If they don’t meet the deadline, customers aren’t eligible for the money back!

Is PaperNow reliable?

The quality of the paper was average However, excellent proofreading and editing are required. I discovered some grammar mistakes and the header wasn’t prepared in accordance with APA guidelines. Additionally, it had a longer detail than the film critique.

Is PaperNow trustworthy?

The reputation of its online presence is unsettling. I have only seen a few reviews on Trustpilot which were all positive, which made me think that they were fake. Afterward, I came across a negative review, however, it was not very helpful.

Is PaperNow a scam?

This isn’t a fraud company however I was not satisfied with the quality of the film review. I’m certain that this paper won’t give me more than a C, therefore I wouldn’t recommend this particular service.

Is PaperNow cheating?

I believe they attempt to cheat because of the conditions I have read in their policy on refunds. If the deadline for your refund was missed, you can’t claim a refund and be liable for the loss of your money!

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