PaperHelp Review

  • The site is easy to navigate and user-friendly
  • Cool and easy-to-install mobile App
  • A generous referral program that allows you to share your discounts with friends and earn money
  • Good quality of the delivered paper
  • Ambiguous online reputation
  • They will only give you three free revisions
  • Marketing shrewdness and costly extras

Today I’m going to write a Paperhelp review to give my thoughts about the service. As one of the leaders in the market for over ten decades, PaperHelp is a great illustration of a service in which it is the small details that matter.

The overall look of the website is clean and features pleasing hues. It has everything you could ever require including a calculator, examples, and extremely thorough FAQs I’ve ever come across on websites that offer academic help. They’ve rated five stars for their amazing website. Yes, they have a mobile application!

PaperHelp Review

Customer support

Customer support

Is Paperhelp reliable? There is no doubt about it. There are many ways to connect with their support staff by Live chat, Messenger, or email. The most efficient way to resolve issues is indeed through live chat which is the option I chose. I had a few questions for their support manager and received instant answers. The support staff was friendly and even insisted on putting it in order earlier. She also estimated a slightly higher cost for my work because of the more advanced writer, but that wasn’t the choice I was planning to choose. Be aware when you ask their managers for their final prices and they might include certain extras that you don’t want to be included.

PaperHelp Review

If you ask me – is Paperhelp a scam? I don’t believe it is. Pay attention to the tiniest of details when you place an order through them, and you’ll never be able to fall into a trap.

My experiences

My experiences

I’ve been placing orders through PaperHelp for more than two years most of the time during the off-season when there aren’t too many orders. The quality is usually high and the value for this cost is incredible.

They also offer special loyalty programs and program that allows you to take your acquaintances to PaperHelp and receive 10% off each purchase made by the referee.

Regarding my grades, I got my grades between Band A. Sometimes it was due to me that the paper’s details weren’t correctly communicated, or the writers weren’t proficient with the subject so I was forced to bargain with their manager to get the writer replaced.

This time, I had to write an essay of 5 pages about the Marine Environment with a 4-days deadline. The work was handed in without any problems. The quality was excellent like every other time. I’m confident that Paperhelp is a legitimate company.

Let me share a tiny secret about myself – I am in the habit of reading over any assistance I receive online. Be diligent and don’t expect PaperHelp as well as any of the other providers to complete everything for you. Examining the paper you receive is an essential “must” for anyone who wants to be certain that the paper meets your needs.

Order form

I can remember that PaperHelp had a three-step purchase form, but today it is all different. The site is updated each year to make the customer experience more pleasant.

The order form is comprised of four steps. On the first page, you simply provide the primary information about the paper. After that, you can upload the files.

PaperHelp Review

In the second you will be allowed to improve your papers. Let’s look at the different bundles.

  • VIP customer service for $14.99. This might be a viable option for those who place important or large orders, but to me, spending an extra 15 bucks to receive support for their work is absurd.
  • A plagiarism report costs $9.99 for papers that are smaller than 10 pages (double-spaced) The cost will increase for each paper by $2. Therefore, if you’ve 20 pages of paper and a plagiarism report is required, it costs you $30. Not worth the cost. If you are looking for the originality of your work Make sure to use WriteCheck to ensure you are sure. As PaperHelp states it can only assure you a paper that is not contaminated by online plagiarism.
  • Abstract pages cost you an additional $14.99. I’m not sure why you have to spend 15 bucks to get 100-150 words in your summary. It’s unjust to modify many words for just five minutes of work.
  • The sources used will cost you $4.99 for each source. This means that the author will also provide soft copies of sources that were used for the essay. I think this feature is only appropriate if you aren’t sure of the author’s expertise or if the instructor asks for soft copies. A typical research essay typically requires a minimum of 10 references, and that amounts to an extra $50 for the final cost.
  • The table of contents will cost $9.99. Ripoff.
  • The top writer costs 58% more! PaperHelp doesn’t disclose this amount so as not to scare its clients, but it’s 58 fucking percent in addition to having an extremely skilled writer who is working on your project. Only use this feature when you need a lot of money to pay or are desperate to receive a top mark (which PaperHelp does not guarantee LOL). It is said to work with 70% of the cases.

The third step is to make a secure payment with cards or other common payment methods. The final step is to place an order in Progress. Relax and relax as an expert is at work.

Prices and discounts

Prices and discounts

PaperHelp Review

The cost of papers is higher than average. They begin at 10 dollars per page and could increase to $197 (yes you read it right!) for admission assistance. In addition, you could receive the Paperhelp coupon of 5-10% for your first purchase, based on the amount of effort you put into begging.

The service is adequate to be used for a long time. As a shaky student, I’m always seeking ways to cut down on my expenses, so PaperHelp proved to be a lifesaver for me during my classes in the summer.



Revision Policy offers up to three revisions for free which is typically enough to receive a high-quality document at the final exam. Be precise regarding your initial instructions as they could refuse your request for revision if your professor decides to provide more details about your request.


The writing skills of a writer

Many writers are ESL natives. But, they possess a solid knowledge of the subject and their English skills are rewarded with the high-quality content they create. If you purchase the most important essay and are willing to shell out a large sum and choose the TOP writer and other bundles, you can expect to be treated as the king. In other situations, the Basic Writer can do his job perfectly.

The service comes with a new feature that lets you purchase two papers from two different writers. It’ll indeed cost extra, but if have a loved one who is grasping at straws, this could be an ideal opportunity to lend him a hand.

PaperHelp Review

People talking

The reputation on the internet for PaperHelp isn’t without controversy. I’ve seen a lot of fake review websites that have put low marks on the service and their impact has likely to spread to legitimate sites such as EssayScam or TrustPilot.

The situation is not the same on Sitejabber. I came across a plethora of favorable Paperhelp reviews on there. The overall rating for Paperhelp was 4.5 stars.

PaperHelp Review

I’m fairly certain that PaperHelp isn’t the only one with unhappy customers, therefore it’s your responsibility to make your final choice. What I experienced with this academic aid was positive and I’m sure it will not let you down too.

Program for loyalty

Program for loyalty

PaperHelp Review

In contrast to other services that offer support for learners, PaperHelp has an established loyalty program or discount program. You can earn bonuses on each purchase you make with PaperHelp. Alongside its referral scheme, this will make it cheaper for you to job even more.



Is paperhelp legit?

PaperHelp is a trusted service with strong guidelines to ensure students feel secure and confident about ordering from PaperHelp. It is possible to request the money back and request no-cost revisions to improve your writing.

Is paperhelp a scam?

It’s an excellent writing service that is ideal for students struggling with their homework. I love its friendly customer support and the skilled writers who assist me in submitting my essays within the deadlines I set.

Is paperhelp safe?

Absolutely! The writing service offers an honest policy on refunds and revisions and also guarantees 100% confidentiality. It could be a great academic aid for you.

Is paperhelp reliable?

Sure! I’ve ordered from them for nearly two years and their writers never fail me. In terms of grades, I’ve received anything between B and A on their work.

Does paperhelp have a good reputation?

PaperHelp’s online reputation isn’t flawless, and you will see a poor score in TrustPilot as well as SiteJabber. The negative reviews are suspicious and that their competitors employ unsavory tactics.

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    The new process works okay September 4, 2022 at

    The new procedure is good but I prefer the old method more

  2. Reply
    Informing people prior to the tax time will be... September 8, 2022 at

    Informing people in advance of tax deadlines would be greatly appreciated, especially because it activated my credit card’s alert for fraud.

  3. Reply
    I highly recommend it to anyone! September 12, 2022 at

    It’s been a great website for a while now and suggest it to everyone! Through all of this time, we were in no conflict, which means that the people who manage the writers are always responsible in their approach to the job they were assigned. The entire work they wrote to me was high quality, with no water or unnecessary details. The authors complied with the guidelines. Thank for your cooperation!

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    The shopping experience was fantastic however, I needed to use the experience... September 16, 2022 at

    The shopping experience was great however, I needed to have this piece of writing revised because the writer did not cite sources properly or write in a way that was well.

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    This was my first time contacting with the business and am very pleased with the relationship. September 22, 2022 at

    This was the first time I have contacted the company and I was pleased by the relationship. I placed an order for an essay with this service. The team solved all issues on the phone, and discussed deadlines. They were professional and efficient on time and considered my needs. I enjoyed everything, and thank you for all the hard work you did.

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    My best kept Secret September 26, 2022 at

    Thank you Paperhelp. You helped make the graduate schl journey a breeze. Excellently articulated writers and speedy delivery.

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    Incredible service, worth every cent September 30, 2022 at

    I was unsure at first of employing a service for essay writing but I tried it and it turned out to be awe-inspiring. Great papers, a cooperative staff, and the prices are reasonable. I bought two essays which were my assignments for my final project at university. I scored 95 points out of 100 So you can say I’m very satisfied with their service. I will be back with confidence.

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    So far, it's been simple and quick October 2, 2022 at

    So far, it’s been easy and quick. I’m sure this isn’t to amazing to be to be true. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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    I highly recommend this professional. October 3, 2022 at

    The work was completed in time, and even slightly later, and for that we would like to express our gratitude. Everything was completed with top quality. I highly recommend this professional.

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    It's fantastic but some writers don't follow... October 11, 2022 at

    It’s wonderful, however, certain authors don’t follow the guidelines provided, and rarely could they make any modifications if returned for improvement.

  11. I rarely leave reviews however, this time I was very delighted to be. The team is extremely knowledgeable about their stuff. My order was processed within the timeframe, and without grammar or lexical mistakes. Fantastic, thank you for this purchase

  12. So far so good. It was very easy to fill out the forms and submit. Online chat was extremely helpful and also

  13. Reply
    Could be made so that I can define my subject in all... October 14, 2022 at

    Can you make it so that I could specify my topic in every step of your procedure, to ensure that everyone gets the most effective writer they can.

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    A bit higher than I anticipated on bonus charges , but... October 16, 2022 at

    A little more than I had anticipated for bonuses, but overall, I’m hoping my doubt is due to an anxiety about the unknown.

  15. Reply
    My experience thus far has been excellent, I was so anxious... October 22, 2022 at

    My experience thus far was great. I was a bit nervous the first time I used this website because it was just my first experience. The writers are fantastic and send you a draft that you can read and review before submitting it to the editor for final approval.

  16. Speedy, professional Professional and fast. The task is thoroughly planned. The expert is accountable. Always keen on the final result and always willing to help. Thank you for your support.

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    I am not happy about taking papers, but I am in the last semester of my degree... October 25, 2022 at

    I’m not sure if I should order papers but it’s my final semester, and have a lot to do and my professors are cramming us with so many assignments that i am not able to finish it all and require additional assistance. So far, i am satisfied overall by the service. I have my questions answered in a timely manner while the staff are fantastic in their work. I wish I was as good LOL. I am extremely satisfied with the service. I received 200/200 on my last essay. Thank you!

  18. Reply
    Reliable and inexpensive service. October 30, 2022 at

    If you’re looking for homework or assistance with your essay These are the right people to talk to also! I’ve been to them numerous occasions for assistance in preparing and creating my work. They’ve always met the deadlines that I had set (with some of them arriving just a few days earlier that gives me more time to review my work prior to submitting). The customer service team is excellent and they offer a excellent reward program. I wish I had discovered them sooner!

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    Very useful and experienced writers November 4, 2022 at

    I strongly recommend using either a professional or bachelor level writer, since the results will be more effective. It’s well worth the cost. The experts have been able to help me finish or start several projects that were too overly demanding or a lot of work that interfered with other tasks which I worked on on my own. 10/10 would recommend

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