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Paper Coach is a well-known writing service that recently focused on dissertation writing. They still write lots of academic writing according to their order form, however, they began to recruit new writers to write dissertations exclusively. 
The Overall Score – 4.5The Most Affordable Price is 8.00 dollars 8.00Minimum Deadline – 6.0 Hours
  • An excellent reputation
  • Low cost
  • Good quality
  • Reliable Guarantees
  • 24/7 Support
  • Installments Options
  • Foreign Support
  • New Company
  • There is no information on their location

Paper Coach is a well-known writing service that recently focused on dissertation writing. They still write lots of academic writing according to their order form, however, they began to recruit new writers to write dissertations exclusively. They are affordable, therefore it could be an ideal idea to place your order for an essay of 150 pages to be submitted within a fortnight. The quality of their work is good. PaperCoach reviews are top-quality all over the internet. They provide 24/7 international assistance, so you can contact them any time you’d like. Overall, we have found this service to be both cheap and unpleasant. It can be a great instrument to assist you with your dissertation or thesis or compose it for you.

Service Review

Service Review

PaperCoach Company was founded in 2016 as an academic writing service. The design has not changed of their site since that time, however, in 2018did they decide to focus on dissertations. It’s funny, but the domain was controlled by a firm called PaperCoach. They sold computers, and copy and fax papers, among other things.

In 2016, they appeared to be very DDOS-ed, according to the Internet Archive. What does this mean? It is a sign that other companies attempted to hack into the website. In the spring of 2016, the website was secured with the use of software that took a significant amount of time to determine if your browser isn’t going to be attacked. In the summer of 2016, they eliminated the hackers and filed a lawsuit against them.

The site appears to be trustworthy and inexpensive. Are papercoach safe? Well, yes. If you go to your console at their site and look at their security, you’ll find that they are secured through Cloudflare company which is a U.S. Internet security service that has millions of customers.

The downside of this business is that they cover up their true address. Papercoach Reddit says that they are based in Delaware and also employ freelancers. To cut costs for writing their papers, they employ a Ukrainian outsourcing service. Ukrainian support agents are more accented than Indians which means that you will be able to understand their accents.

It’s all we can complain about PaperCoach. They have a great reputation and have very affordable costs. It has been an unpopular horse for quite a while. Check out the complete Paper Coach review below.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation

The Paper Coach reviews are very positive. Check out the PaperCoach TrustPilot page.

Absolutely no bad reviews! Positive reviews of 63. We’ll give Sitejabber a shot.

There are no bad reviews anymore! What’s the reason? This sounds intriguing to me. There isn’t a PaperCoach BBB, but there are numerous fake websites, which are controlled by some Kenyan writing services. I wouldn’t recommend any of them.



The first thought that pops into my head is “Is papercoach a legitimate company is it legitimate? For the legal information, you must scroll through their homepage and click the link for Legal.

In essence, they promise that the work will be free of plagiarism, timely delivery, and full refunds in the event of problems with payment, delays with the delivery of the paper, etc. By their policy on revisions they allow only three free revisions, however, this doesn’t cover orders larger than 20+ pages.

These are the ones who have short money-back guarantees from Paper Coach Company

Types of Service

Types of Service

They are involved in a variety of academic papers, including high school and Ph.D. ones.

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Courseworks
  • Essay Outline/Plan
  • Dissertations
  • Dissertation Proposal
  • Research Proposals
  • Thesis Statements
  • Thesis
  • Topics with titles
  • Literature Reviews
  • Reports
  • Reflective Practice
  • Exams Revision
  • PowerPoints
  • Markings
  • More!

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

To finish your dissertation using, you need to click the Continue button

You will then see a three-step order form. The first step is to choose the assignment. This is where you select the kind of assignment, the subject details, formatting, etc. It is also possible to attach documents in your order (no greater than 25MB). If your file is too big, you can send the materials to your order once the order is placed or send them an email at, and they attach the files to your order.

The next step concerns the expectations you have, e.g., when is the deadline? What is the maximum number of pages included in the document? The number of slides you need to use in the event of a presentation.

“Soft copies” is the term used to describe how you obtain the source materials utilized in your work as pdf files. The author will choose which sources to use unless you indicate the sources you require. The final step before the payment is to select the Extra Features. We’ll check them out later.


Pricing and Charges

The prices are extremely affordable here. They don’t cost a lot. If you call support through LiveChat They will provide you with discount papercoach coupons.


Paper Quality

PaperCoach specializes in producing nice content. PaperCoach has writers who do a lot of research. When it comes to dissertations they’ll surely give you at the very least an initial outline or the entire paper.

However, at this point, there are always complaints and disagreements regarding the visions of the client and writer of the final document. In the end, this is the way it would appear If your job was as a lecturer, and the writer was your student .)


Customer Support

Customer Support is pleasant and friendly. Even though they are in Ukraine and work 24 hours a day, they are available and can respond to inquiries promptly. They must respond quickly and efficiently since the supervisors they supervise also are American citizens. If you encounter any problem or issue, you can ask their supervisor to contact you or send you a text message.

Offers and Additional Services

Offers and Additional Services

The bulk of the additional features is in the final step of the form.

The TOP and PRO writers are priced higher, however, the more you pay writers, the more skilled specialist they assign. An analysis of plagiarism is required if you want to confirm that the essay is original and needs to be passed through Turnitin and SafeAssign. In any case, even if you do not pay for it they will give you the original document as per their Terms of Service.

Progressive delivery means that you’ll be receiving rough drafts before the time the final piece is finished. Another option is to use soft copies if you require the pdf documents of the sources the author employs for the assignment.



Is PaperCoach legit?

Absolutely! I’ve reviewed their refund and revision policies and I’ve had no concerns or complaints. The policies are clear and fair If you have issues with their service, you’ll be able to receive your money back.

Is PaperCoach a scam?

No! PaperCoach is a good company to customers by offering solid assurances and policies. In addition, I received a piece of writing with good content, despite the cost. Professional and affordable writing services exist!

Is PaperCoach reliable?

Indeed, I would recommend this service to my fellow students. I was impressed with the essay I received in time and no revisions were required.

Is PaperCoach safe?

I believe, yes. I haven’t found any issues on this site or attempts to deceive students. The privacy policies are strong enough to ensure total privacy and security.

Is PaperCoach an authentic company?

It’s a shame that I could not locate any information on the location of the company, however, the online reviews were fantastic. There aren’t many reviews, however, they all contain five or four stars which is quite encouraging.

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