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Finding a reputable writing service that provides top-quality writing services isn't an easy feat. If you don't have the right guidance or suggestions from your friends You will be spending time searching the web. The majority of ExtraEssay reviews posted on their site are positive. This ExtraEssay review will provide every service the company provides and their working procedure to assist you in making an opinion about them.
  • Affordable prices and inexpensive additional features
  • Great discount policy
  • The support team is friendly and help
  • Unlimited revisions for ten days after approval
  • Uncertain user-friendliness of the site all-around
  • Writing is of a low quality.

Are you looking for an error-free paper? Take a look at the Extra Essay review if you require top-quality writing at reasonable costs!

Hey there! In this article, we’re going to look at a different writing company known as ExtraEssay which has a well-known reputation in the marketplace. You’ve probably guessed that getting a reliable writing service involves blood, sweat, and tears. At times, all you have to look up a few testimonials on social media platforms or review websites. This is why I wrote this thorough review to let you know the credibility of these individuals. Let’s get started.

About The Company

About The Company

ExtraEssay is among the writing services for academics on the Internet that has more than 10 years of expertise. This is the information I have read on extraessay.com. On Sitejabber this business is ranked 73rd out of the top writing companies and appears to be legit at first glance. It is worth noting that Sitejabber reviews praise this service as top-quality with 4.8 stars out of 5 from 100+ reviews.

ExtraEssay Review
ExtraEssay Review

The company doesn’t give the details of their operational background, aside from their ten+ years of experience in the business. I looked up their founding date myself and realized that this brand first appeared in the year 2016.

ExtraEssay Review

In reality, the service has been in the market for five years, not 10. Therefore, is ExtraEssay genuine or simply a “meh” group of scammers? In reality, the five years of history aren’t a joke. Maybe, these guys are aware of what they are doing since they have been in operation for so long. Positive feedback from customers coupled with the five-year experience led me to test the extra Essay service a shot.

Company Information

  • Years of operation – five.
  • Deadline for submission of applications: minimum three hours.
  • Prices start at $9 for 275 words.
  • Writers over 900.

Is ExtraEssay a legitimate service or should students stay clear of this service? According to the terms and conditions of the company terms of service, they are a legally registered Polish company. Furthermore, there’s no law in place that prevents the use of online learning services (this is how they refer to themselves). So I didn’t need to worry about legal issues when purchasing papers from them.

ExtraEssay Specialization

ExtraEssay can be described as an entire company for academic writing which provides students with an array of writing assignments including writing essays for high schools to graduate thesis. 30 different types of writing cover 70+ subjects. This sounds amazing It is, provided that ExtraEssay can be used for all academic levels, from undergraduate to the Ph.D. level. You can also order dissertation chapters from them too.

ExtraEssay Review

The company also appears to assist students applying to colleges and finding their first job, as they also offer admission essays and resume writing assistance.

A Business Model of ExtraEssay

Bidding systems and all-in-one services are two major business strategies that are commonly used in the industry of writing. It’s good news that ExtraEssay acts as an agent and not an intermediary between students and writers. After you have placed an order, they’ll select a writer who most closely matches your needs.

This way the guys can save lots of time as well as stress. Through this service, you won’t have to pick between offers, look up the profiles of writers, and make contact with them and only get a rejection. Instead, this service does all the work for you, and your task is to wait some time until a writer calls you to discuss your project.

What’s the deal with ExtraEssay writers? This company doesn’t disclose any information about its content staff, aside from the number of available writers. However, even the case information, won’t affect your work because you don’t have contact with writers before the time someone is appointed to the project. This company keeps things simple and takes away the burdens you normally be able to accept when managing content mills.

ExtraEssay Review

Discounts and Prices for ExtraEssay

Discounts and Prices for ExtraEssay

ExtraEssay is a great choice for affordable pricing starting at just $9 for high-school projects. Undergraduate essays start at $11 for each page, which is about 26% less than the industry standard ($15-$35 each page).

ExtraEssay Discount System

Although some essay writing companies such as UnemployedProfessors will try to scam you with pricing increases, ExtraEssay offers a welcoming 10 percent discount on your initial purchase.

Additionally, you will receive 10% off for life. This discount applies to all your orders when you have completed 40 projects for the company. I’d also like to point out that just a handful of writing firms offer a permanent discount for loyalty.

Additionally, the company has an incentive program that allows you to receive 10% of the invitee’s purchase. This means that you can purchase essays using referral funds.

ExtraEssay Review

What was the cost of my assignment? Cost?

My work cost me $21 at the door and included the 10% discount for signing up. A better understanding ExtraEssay’s competitors such as GradMiners, CustomWritings as well as MasterPapers cost $26 for a $28 or $27 assignment and $27 for projects with the same complexity. Therefore, ExtraEssay is 25-26% lower than the industry average.

ExtraEssay Review
ExtraEssay Review
ExtraEssay Review

The question I have would be “Why do I have to pay more?”

Does ExtraEssay Provide Any Guarantees?

Does ExtraEssay Provide Any Guarantees?

Before I purchased an assignment from ExtraEssay I was able to determine if ExtraEssay takes care of its clients. What I discovered was that the company offers a variety of assurances:

Revision Guarantee

If your work requires revisions You can submit the paper for revision free of charge within 14 days of the date of delivery. Your writer will make any necessary corrections to ensure that your paper is aligned with the initial needs. If you require additional instructions, you may provide your work to us for Major Revision. In this instance, ExtraEssay will charge 60 percent of the initial cost.

Additionally, the company offers an extended deadline for revisions (up to 14 days) for assignments that exceed 20 pages. This is reasonable. The longer your assignment longer, the longer your writer will need to go over the assignment.

ExtraEssay Review


Writing services that are reliable strive to provide their clients by offering risk-free purchases. This is why a money-back guarantee protects your cash. I checked if ExtraEssay meets the requirements and found that you’re eligible to receive both partial and full refunds according to the circumstances of your situation.

With clear instructions for submitting a refund and the criteria, you can be confident that you’ll receive the amount you paid. Another benefit is that they are open to discussion and are willing to understand the motive behind your request for a refund.

ExtraEssay Review

Plagiarism-Free Policy

As ExtraEssay states, they recognize the implications of plagiarism. This is why they have strict rules against plagiarism. As it was said they check every assignment with dependable plagiarism software.

However, what pleased me was that ExtraEssay requires you to specify the level of plagiarism at your school. That is, you can state that your school does not allow less than 10% of plagiarism and will ensure this threshold is not exceeded. If your Turnitin report has over 10% plagiarism, you can make a refund or revision request.

ExtraEssay Review

Privacy Policy

Can I remain private when purchasing papers at ExtraEssay? Based on what I found the Privacy Policies page ExtraEssay does not collect personal information that could de-anonymize you, even your real name. The company only collects cookies (well who wouldn’t?) as well as technical data such as the number of orders that have been completed that you have on your account. And the best part is that you can ask the company to remove any of the information they have at any time.

The ExtraEssay privacy guidelines are in writing. Additionally, I haven’t found any ExtraEssay reviews that complained regarding privacy concerns.

ExtraEssay Review

Guarantees Mark: 5/5

My Experiment with ExtraEssay

My Experiment with ExtraEssay

After examining the five-star ExtraEssay reviews and convincing assurances of this company I decided to purchase an article on the topic. I did not have the time to complete this task physically because I was experiencing an embarrassing senior moment. I completely missed this assignment, as if it had never happened.

In the end, my best friend invited me over to attend his birthday celebration. Therefore, I attended for friendship and socializing, and asked ExtraEssay for most of the lifting. Was this a pity? Find out more below.

The Support Team can be reached by phone or email.

First of all, I didn’t locate the discussion thread in the assignments available on the ExtraEssay website. So I decided to get in touch with their support team first. ExtraEssay offers several channels of communication:


I contacted them via email. Support representatives responded within about an hour and gave me a warm response. They offered a 10 percent discount on sign-up. The representative from customer service advised me to go to their site and fill out a registration form. I realized later that I could have utilized an alternative communication method to email since the one-hour response time didn’t meet my expectations.

ExtraEssay Review

Live Chat

A live cat from ExtraEssay was far better! A representative from the customer service department reached me in the snap of an eye when I signed into their live chat feature. It eased my concerns regarding my work and I believed that they could assist me.

The issue is that many businesses that are not very good use “AI-powered” live chats that are populated with useless bots that bombard users with generic scripts that provide FAQ pages, which waste your time. If I take into account how human and lively the ExtraEssay support team member contacted me I discovered that she is real.

ExtraEssay Review

Customer Support is Polite and prompt

My customer support representative was available throughout the conversation and responded to my questions in a matter of minutes literally. In addition, she was polite and understanding. So, I can conclude that ExtraEssay’s ExtraEssay staff is truly concerned with their clients and uniquely treat each one.

So Alice and asked if it was my first experience with this writing service.

ExtraEssay Review
ExtraEssay Review

I was able to confirm and inquired whether they can guarantee security. She was able to calm my fears and clarified that they use secured connections. My writer could not access my personal information.

Then I requested her to place my order on my behalf. She was unable to do it and insisted I had to make this purchase myself. Initially, I wasn’t happy about the idea. However, after squirming for a few minutes and pondering the issue, it became clear that I need to make the purchase myself since I am the only one who could input the required information accurately. In the end, I was given this post for discussion. I was the only one who was in the class and was listening to the teacher.

ExtraEssay Review

After that, the support rep gave me a 10 discount coupon and told me to submit a no-cost inquiry. She did not force me to pay at this time. Instead, she offered me an important piece of advice.

ExtraEssay Review
ExtraEssay Review

My Summary of ExtraEssay’s Customer Support Service

In the end, I would say that the ExtraEssay Support team has exceeded my expectations due to:

  1. Live chat support agents responded to my questions within a fraction of a second.
  2. My support agent was attentive and friendly.
  3. My support agent did not pressure me to make a payment first.

P.S ExtraEssay has the option of a helpline that is free. But I did not use it, so I’ve got no opinion on the communication channel. However, I do prefer to chat.

Customer Service Mark 5/5

Registration of an Account

I’m tired of the typical web registration. I typically sign up for various websites with a specific Google address. However, ExtraEssay allows Google registration. After an engaging conversation with Alice and clicking the register button and voila – I was able to place an order.

The registration form was not perfect. There was one minor problem. There was no payment button. However, I clicked “continue” and was taken back to the dashboard.

ExtraEssay Review

Place an order

According to the advice of customer service, I inquired about customer support at 06:04 pm

ExtraEssay Review

After that, I filled out the order forms. It was easy. Entering my paper’s information was an easy task. My instructions were:

ExtraEssay Review

But I didn’t like the fact that a phone line was mandatory. I don’t like sharing my number with random strangers. This is the reason I entered the fake number. After that, I used the ExtraEssay discount coupon and made a payment for my purchase.

ExtraEssay Review

Then I received a confirmatory email from the support team. The support team assigned an author for my essay in only 15 minutes. They’re agile and quick! As they said in their terms and condition.

ExtraEssay Review

I also received emails with updates regarding my order. Super job ExtraEssay!

ExtraEssay Review

I also could monitor my order’s progress on my dashboard.

ExtraEssay Review

Usability Mark 5/5

Communication with My Writer

After 17 minutes my writer got in touch with me. They did not waste my time with ineffective mumbling. Instead, my writer emailed me a complete list of questions based on my directions.

This meant they took my directions in great detail by examining every detail and perhaps conducting some research since there are usually questions regarding assignments when they are conducting research and writing. The writer was concerned about my essay and the scores. This was another sign of credibility.

After I got my reply After receiving my reply, my writer got to work on my piece. I was elated that my paper was on the table.

ExtraEssay Review

Where did I Get the Paper?

My writer finished the discussion post in less than two hours. My deadline was set at 24 hours. The writer finished the work 22 hours before the deadline. ExtraEssay indeed stated that they finish documents before deadlines, however, I wasn’t expecting to receive my blog post so fast! I was not even at my home after my friend’s birthday party! The receipt of a finalized paper at ExtraEssay is a logical choice. They sent me an email and on my dashboard.

ExtraEssay Review

I logged in to my dashboard and found an image in”completed” in the “completed” category.

ExtraEssay Review

One thing that bothered me was the big green “accept” button that I was tempted to click without thinking about it. Did ExtraEssay oblige me to accept the order without examining the order or was it a mistake?

In light of the 5-star customer service, I received prior I decided to not think about the issue too much. In addition, my writer posted an editable copy of my post as well. I was pleased to receive a completed essay and that ExtraEssay did not just take my money and go away like other available essay businesses.

The quality of the paper received

In the end, my writer did an amazing job! The paper exceeded my expectations. It was fantastic. Here’s a quick summary of my paper:

Word Count Requirements: Done!

ExtraEssay Review

I asked for 200 words, and my writer wrote precisely 200 words and not greater or lesser. The most important thing is that my writer graciously indicated the number of words she wrote at the bottom of my document.

Affordable Error Free Academic Language

My essay was professionally written and formatted correctly. First off, the author has capitalized both titles correctly according to my request. Additionally, I did not find any errors in my discussion piece. I checked it with Grammarly and it was clear that there were zero grammatical mistakes. It appears that my writer had spent a lot of time reviewing and editing the work.

In addition, my writer presented solid arguments that were backed by a real-life case (the COVID-19 pandemic) taken from a research paper that was published in 2020. The quality of my post on the discussion was a delight to the max, particularly when you consider it’s only 200 words.

100% Originality Do it!

In the end, my work was completely original and no sign of plagiarism was found. I didn’t post my discussion paper to Turnitin because it would be stored in the database, and would thus be non-original after the second test. Instead, I used a variety of plagiarism checkers and they proved 100 100% originality.

P.S My teacher said my post on the discussion was authentic. So, is ExtraEssay trustworthy? They do adhere to their guidelines and keep their word.

ExtraEssay Review

Quality Mark: 5/5

Price-Quality Match

Did my discussion thread correspond to the amount I paid? It did! I got an A-grade for this project, so it was worth it. The team delivered high-quality content in time and at a lower cost. So, I’ll purchase my next project from ExtraEssay.

Pricing Mark: 5/5

Online Presence and Reputation Extra Essay

Online Presence and Reputation Extra Essay

I found that my ExtraEssay experience was almost perfect. However, I looked to find Extra Essay reviews to figure out if I’m lucky or if this company produces quality papers regularly. I searched review websites and social media sites. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

ExtraEssay’s Review Websites’ Ratings on ExtraEssay

ExtraEssay has received 4.6-4.8 stars on the majority of review sites. So, I’m guessing that the majority of students are equally pleased with this business just like me. There is no reason to doubt these reviews since I got top-quality service. There aren’t any testimonials about ExtraEssay scams, or any similar to that.

ExtraEssay Review

Social Media Presence

ExtraEssay appears to have minimal activity on social platforms. I was able to find ExtraEssay’s Page on Facebook and read the reviews of their customers there. While the company can remove negative reviews on their Facebook page, I also would trust the ExtraEssay reviews based on my own experience. Therefore, I would say ExtraEssay clients do indeed receive top-quality essays and leave positive reviews.

Wrapping Up My Extra Essay Review

Wrapping Up My Extra Essay Review

Overall, ExtraEssay satisfied my needs throughout my experience. Their customer support was helpful rather than requiring me to pay for the service. From the beginning, the company showed that they put customer satisfaction over all else.

My writer then completed my discussion piece 22 hours before the deadline. My essay was unique and well-written. This is exactly the paper I was looking for. In the end, ExtraEssay offered me a discount on my already affordable paper. So, I would recommend ExtraEssay because I believe it is trustworthy and professional.

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