Are EssayQuake authentic? If you're in search of customized writing services that aren't a rip-off, this is the best starting point. Take a look at the following EssayQuake review to determine whether the company is reliable or not.
  • Excellent design of the site
  • Use of software to detect plagiarism
  • Secure and safe transactions
  • Quick support and prompt responses
  • Chance to get discounts
  • Money-back guarantee policy
  • No reviews on trusted websites
  • Complex order procedure
  • Nothing is mentioned regarding social media
  • High prices for work


Overview is a custom writing service that offers professional assistance with a vast variety of academic papers. The company assures you that the papers you submit are written by experts with specific academic backgrounds and that they will deliver your paper on time. However, while searching through the internet, I did not find enough reviews to make my opinion about the service. So, I decided to look into it in more detail. Let’s find out if EssayQuake is genuine or not.

EssayQuake isn’t a bargain compared in comparison to different writing companies. This is why its team says that they provide the highest quality in every academic piece they provide. This is not a lie to me that their help from experts is worth the price. Numerous professional writing companies are costly and yet quite successful. Therefore, professional assistance demands adequate compensation, and this is affordable for EssayQuake. However, I have observed different writing companies and reached the same conclusion: If you want to be sure of any service that writes your essay, you must have proof of the quality of their paper. It is essential to be aware of what you pay for. That’s the reason I asked myself if EssayQuake was truly worth it. Review

The first thing I was paying particular attention to was the design of the site. From the first look, it appears quite appealing and user-friendly. The website loads quickly and offers the user certain essential information. Review

So, if a company can create an effective website, there is an excellent chance that you will enjoy a high-quality service. So, I looked at it further. I was wondering why there was no pricing calculator. I was able to realize that to know the final cost of the task you have requested you need to register as an existing member. It is me uneasy.

As per the site, rates are fairly determined to meet the needs of the customer without compromising the quality of the work. That’s why they start at $17,55 to write. Like most writing services, EssayQuake guarantees 100% authentic content and writer’s help that is based on a qualification in the field you are interested in. The company also offers an option to pay in installments if the cost of an order exceeds $500.

In terms of the wide range of writing options, EssayQuake has as many options to choose from. EssayQuake lets you order essays of all kinds which include research papers case studies, articles project, capstone dissertations, course works as well as a variety of other types of academic work. It is important to point out that the site also offers certain writing services for businesses including marketing plans, business plans interviews, and more. Additionally, you can purchase editing and proofreading for your material.

Unfortunately, EssayQuake does not have an application for mobile users. The website is useful, but registration is necessary. Review

Another thing that frightened me was the fact that the project was launched in the year 2009. But, as I discovered, there’s a contradiction since the domain was launched in 2014. Review

Furthermore, the site was crawled by Wayback Machine but not nearly as often as it was regularly updated.

Though 6 years is an extended time to establish this kind of niche it is a far cry from the 11 years stated. Certain guarantees are clear as well as the policy of a money-back guarantee, and no-cost revisions. But, at this time, I had a few unanswered concerns.



While I am writing a review I usually read all reviews feasible. Additionally, building a solid reputation online for costly writing services is a serious issue. The more expensive it is higher, the more demanding expectations are.

I scoured the data on the internet and discovered that the team at EssayQuake is comprised of fifty team leaders. By the Terms and Conditions, you can hire writers “by speaking proficiency”. This means that you could choose one who is a native English speaker or a professional fluent in English.

According to the website, the founders began writing custom content in 2009. However, it’s not clear whether they launched a website during the same time. You have the option of believing the claims or denying them. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

The pros and cons

The pros and cons


  • Excellent design and layout of the site

The website is easy to navigate, it also provides essential information and statistics regarding the service.

  • The use of software to detect plagiarism

The platform ensures that all papers are checked by Copyscape Premium, as well as WriteCheck. Each paper is exclusive and the company promises that they won’t be used again.

  • Secure and safe transactions

The website utilizes secure payment gateways that handle secure transactions. This ensures the security of transactions and keeps your billing information secure.

  • Rapid support and quick responses

It takes around one minute to receive an answer from the support staff via live chat.

  • Possibility of receiving an offer

The website offers the possibility to get a promo voucher from support for discounts. Additionally, the website has a loyalty program that gives discounts of up to 15 percent.

  • Money-back guarantee policy

If clients aren’t satisfied with the work quality, they have 10 days to claim their refund. It is possible to receive all the compensation due for the paper or a portion of the total cost, according to the circumstances.


  • No reviews are available on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, and other similar sites.

It’s difficult to know whether the site is legit or not. However, I have also looked at reviews on other websites and social media. The results and the validity were wildly different.

  • The order process is complicated and complex.

There isn’t a pricing calculator. To know the final cost and the types of work that the writing service offers, you need to sign up. It’s not a good feeling and the process could be simpler.

  • The high costs of work

There are no reviews on reputable websites Which makes it more difficult for consumers to believe in the company. In light of this, the prices are excessive which is quite shocking.

  • There is no mention of social media.

There aren’t any hyperlinks to social media websites as well as messengers available on their site. Contact the support team by email or by phone.

  • Some writers may not be natives.

I’m not sure whether this has any impact in regards to the quality of the service offered however I believe it is imperative to point out this fact. However, you can select the writer who is native to you, regardless of price.

Sorts of Services

Sorts of Services

EssayQuake offers a variety of essays, for example:

  • The essays (including the application essay);
  • Reviews;
  • Articles;
  • Creative writing and critical thinking;
  • The term papers;
  • Capstone projects;
  • Coursework;
  • Theses and dissertations;
  • Research papers;
  • Lab reports;
  • Case study;
  • Problem-solving.

There are various kinds of writing services for business such as:

  • Business propositions;
  • Grant proposals;
  • Business plans;
  • Marketing plans;
  • BVC model answers;
  • Interviews;
  • Speeches.

There is also the option of ordering short stories and poems but this isn’t usual for writing services that are custom.

Customer Review

Customer Review

It’s quite shocking that there aren’t any reviews on websites that are popular like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, etc. Review

I also looked up reviews on other websites. I discovered that some clients weren’t happy with the service they received. There were complaints about the time-to-response of responses from the management. In the end, I checked it multiple times and received responses within minutes. Review

A few customers were also unhappy that they could not get the entire cost of the work, which was not finished in time. This is extremely disappointing However, there are specific guidelines on this inside the Terms and Conditions. The full amount of compensation is available only if your paper contains serious errors or is plagiarized.



The costs are quite expensive. EssayQuake provides three kinds of services: editing, writing, and proofreading. Let’s examine these three categories:

– Prices for writing start at $17,55 per page;

– Prices for editing start at $11,70 per page;

– Prices for proofreading start at $9,94 per page.

To obtain a discount voucher, you have to make contact with the manager of support. Additionally, you need to fill out the order form to know the cost of your project. These are the typical prices and can differ according to the type of paper you choose to use and other specifics. For instance, if you have to make some modifications to your order, a second cost could be needed.



In some of the reviews on EssayQuake customers, they noticed that the quality of the work did not meet their standards. The authors covered all of the essential points mentioned and the paper was worth the price. This isn’t unexpected since according to the site all professionals have degrees in the field they specialize in and must take a rigorous test to be eligible for the job. The company collaborates with many freelancers from the majority of English-speaking nations, which means there is a wide range of writers to pick from.

Every piece of content is screened by plagiarism detection software. You may request the report. EssayQuake has a group of quality assurance specialists who go through every page before the paper is sent to the customer. If the paper doesn’t meet your expectations, you can make revision requests within 10 days at no cost.

The information you share is secured. Your writer won’t be able to access your personal information since the information is processed by the service.

Customer Care

Customer Care

There are several methods to contact the company:

– By email

It is comprised of three emails for specific cases. To get order updates you have to use [email protected]. If you need some information about payments you have to contact them at [email protected]. Sales information is available via [email protected].

– Calls to the phone

+1 844 222 8496

It is accessible 24/7.

Live Chat on our platform

It is essential to mention your problem using the list below and include your email address and name.

Although, I have read some complaints regarding customer service, but I was able to determine that they were of satisfactory quality due to the online chat. It took me about 15 minutes to get a response every time I called them.

I was unable to locate information regarding the country of residence of the company and I also contacted the support manager for information on this. It was revealed that the company is based in Cleveland. Review

Payment methods

Payment methods

EssayQuake is a payment processor that accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover as well as American Express. Before paying for your order you have to supply all the required information regarding its location. You also have a chance to receive discounts from the online advisor and sign up for its loyalty scheme. Review



The website guarantees a full refund and 60 days to process your request if you’re unhappy with the writing of the document. Based on the Policy on Money Back Policy, there are instances where you could be compensated:

  • You may receive a complete refund if you decide to cancel your order but the order was not assigned to the writer.
  • If the writer has started to work on your request and the deadline hasn’t been met You can claim an extension of up to 70 percent.
  • If the deadline for half has been met The compensation could reach 50 percent.
  • You may also ask for a partial refund (up to 20 percent) when the paper was delivered after.
  • If the order was placed too in error and you decide to make it a cancellation, you’ll be able to receive full reimbursement.

There are other cases for refunds. To get more details to read the terms and conditions.

How to Create an Order

How to Create an Order

To place an order, you will need to supply personal information first, as well as all the required information regarding the project. In all, there are five steps:

  1. Registration completed.
  2. Selecting the kind of paper.
  3. The process of describing a project.
  4. In this article, we will summarize pages and the costs of the work.
  5. The payment to place the order.

It is not possible to go to the previous step. If you make an error on the form you must fill out the form. Review

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

The customer is part of the loyalty program regularly through the process of placing an order. Based on the rules the discount will be based on the sum paid and the pages that have been completed:

  • If you have more than 25 pages completed, you receive the benefit of a discount of 5%;
  • You will receive 10% off on over 50 pages.
  • For more than 100 paid-for and completed pages, you’re qualified to receive a discount of 15.

The full details about this Loyalty Program are available on the company’s profile.



In the end, after having analyzed EssayQuake attentively and purchasing an essay on their website, I can draw a decent conclusion. The quality of the writing is very high. The final product satisfied my requirements and was submitted promptly. This is, therefore, an authentic and trustworthy writing service.

In conclusion, this website is easy to use and well-designed. The order process is not as easy, but it could certainly be simplified. Additionally, I would want to know more regarding the company and its policies, without checking its Conditions of Service. In general, EssayQuake is not one of the least expensive customized writing solutions. But, it offers the highest quality of service as well as a variety of services. It also offers a guarantee that it will be worth your budget.

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