Bid4Papers Review

Bid4Papers Review
Bid4Papers provides online writers that have the option of bidding. This means that you can select the writer to write the paper on your behalf. There is also an automatically-assigned feature, letting you skip the choosing process and leaving it to the company to assign a writer to your order. 
Bid4Papers provides online writers that have the option of bidding. This means that you can select the writer to write the paper on your behalf. There is also an automatically-assigned feature, letting you skip the choosing process and leaving it to the company to assign a writer to your order. 

Executive Summary

Overall Rating – 2.5The Lowest Price – is $13.40Minimum Deadline – 0.5 Hours
  • Unlimited number of free revisions
  • On-time delivery
  • Bidding systems are fake
  • Costs are expensive
  • Support that is pathetic
  • Live chat is not available.
  • Fake writers
  • No discounts

Bid4Papers provides online writers that have the option of bidding. This means that you can select the writer to write the paper on your behalf. There is also an automatically-assigned feature, letting you skip the choosing process and leaving it to the company to assign a writer to your order. They claim that they have writers at all academic levels, from bachelors to Ph.D. The cost of writing a paper is more than average and they don’t offer any discounts. It is a very expensive price for a piece of work, especially because there’s no live chat option and you need to wait for a long period for a response from a support representative.

Service Review

Service Review

The service is based on an auction system which means you can select the writer to write your paper. There is also an automatically-assigned feature, letting you skip the choosing process and leaving it to the company to assign a writer to your order. They claim that they have writers from all academic levels, from bachelor to Ph.D.

Additionally, employs English-speaking and non-English-speaking writers. In FAQ, it’s mentioned that you can contact writers about their home addresses. I approached a few writers however, none were willing to answer, and they all said they were against the guidelines. When I reached out to the support manager I was informed that I could ask a writer for information about his location and that the writer is entitled to tell me about the location or not. They were not willing to share this information.

Online Reputation

Online Reputation

On the site, there are many Bid4Papers reviews by happy customers. Each review is typically not more than one word or a paragraph, and they are not other than “Good”, “Excellent” Excellent” “Great”. On this site there are at most one hundred or more feedback pages However, I couldn’t find a single piece of feedback that contained a particular customer’s opinions about the purchase.

This is why I decided to look up the Internet. I began by searching to find Bid4Papers critiques on Reddit but could not find anything. Then, I decided to search for Bid4Papers reviews at Yahoo Answers, but again I could not find any information on this firm. I also visited YouTube to find out some information about Bid4Papers. On YouTube, I saw a review that lasted for 20 seconds. It was a review where an untold young woman said that this service was fantastic. An extremely useful review Thank you. It has been very helpful for me.

I sat for hours until I was able to locate at least one thing that I was hoping for, Bid4Papers was not as excellent as they claim on the website. Many people complain about high costs writers who didn’t always adhere to the guidelines poor communication, and certain features that did not function as they were expected to. I didn’t have any reason to believe either positive or negative feedback as I was forced to try this service myself before I could make a decision.

However, there’s one thing I can say with certainty comments that only contain one word such as “Great” or a single sentence such as “Excellent job, excellent paper” should not be considered as serious as they don’t provide any particular information. In general, the credibility of Bid4Papers is a bit skewed and controversial.



They guarantee an unlimited amount of free revisions so long as your order is in process. This means that you can make revision requests as often as you require and they’ll do their best so long as it conforms to the original instructions.

Once you have made your final amount to the author and you have agreed that you are happy with the quality of your essay You are not able to request revisions for free.

They also promise to refund your funds if your final installment to the author is not received. But, if the purchase is accepted as to be completed, you will not be able to claim your refund.

Types Of Services

Types Of Services

The company offers two types of services including edit and writing. The first kind of service is straightforward. The paper you submit is then proofread by the editor of the company. The other kind of service is writing, and here are some concerns.

On the website the site, it’s stated that the paper you submit is written through a school teacher that was fired from his or her job, or by students who wish to earn a little extra money. The Emm… What caused the teachers working for this company, to lose their job? What were they doing?

The second portion of their team comprises students. I’m not sure, but I’m not sure why I should think of students as experts who will complete my work with high standards.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

Let me begin at the beginning and describe what I thought of in acquiring information to write a thorough Bid4Papers review. I devised a task to study a film called 12 Years of a Slave. I wrote very precise instructions, in which I described exactly what you needed to complete in each part.

There was also a document that I planned to share with an author to complete this study. That is I had all the information a writer must know and be able to access to complete this task successfully.

I completed the application. It was fairly normal: the form of paper, amount of pages, the deadline, and other things like that. There’s nothing new to report about. Because it’s an item that is a bidding system, it was difficult for me to not find the exact price of my order.

But, the price was stated there. I only had 20 dollars, and I had that I had a very time frame, so the anticipated price of the order could be around 20 dollars.

You can choose another alternative and the service will assign the writer for my purchase in a way that I do not have to spend time choosing the procedure. However, this choice will increase the price of my paper by two times. Additionally, my desire to communicate, I had a great desire to connect with the writer who was creating my paper.

Then, I clicked the Save & Publish for Writers button. In less than 30 minutes, I received around 40 bids for my purchase. One thing that was confusing to me was the fact that all bids were almost identical in cost. For instance, of the 40 bids, only one bid with a price of 33.40 dollars. All others had rates of 30 dollars.

I decided to go through the process, and changed certain details on the order however, every time I saw the same result. Around 95% of bids were the same cost, with only a handful of them notably more costly.

In reality, I was expecting to see prices such as 21, 18.99 dollars, 23.5 dollars, 16.7 dollars, and so on. This is how I used to consider how bidding works. If I’m able to have the identical price for all my bids, it’s not bidding in any way. I thought of asking for a writer to write my essay, not for 30 dollars but, but for just 20 dollars.

He stated it was the maximum that he could bet and he was unable to make the bet any less. It’s not the first time I’ve been able to see the contradiction between what they said and what they did. Therefore, if you are asking me “Is Bid4Papers a scam?” I would answer “You should be cautious before putting an order through this site”.

What then is the problem? We have an estimated price that isn’t even close to the amount you ought to be expecting. You must make your purchase several times until you can see the price you’re expected to pay.

There are also no “fixed price quotes” unless you choose the “Automatically assign writer “Assign author instantly” option. Wrong! Most bids will be at the same amount – the lowest cost. Even the most skilled authors with the top price will set the lowest price.

Why? Aren’t they confident enough about their knowledge and experience to demand a better price than newcomers? Therefore, if you think that you’ll have a lot of options, think twice! The cost is the lowest that you can get for an essay that has a fourteen days deadline, you’ll have to pay a minimum of 13-14 dollars with bidding systems and around 23-24 dollars when you select the auto-assigned writer option.

The writers’ conversations seemed to me as if I was conversing with a bot or someone who not understood my instructions. A majority of them would say something along the lines of “I took your directions into consideration” or “The information on the order is very clear”.

What is possible? I made an order just 30 seconds from now. You must take five minutes to go through all of my instructions. This was quite suspicious which is why I decided to experiment.

I chose one of these writers and addressed him. He responded promptly. Then I asked him “Did you follow my directions carefully? Was everything clearly stated?” He answered “Sure”.

I was certain that he did not understand my instructions. Therefore I decided to clarify whether the writer was able to follow my instructions and reiterated the task he was required to complete, “Ok, you have to watch the film called Django Unchained and then analyze the nature that bounty hunters play in the United States” (If you recall, the movie in the directions included was 12 Years of Slave and has nothing to have anything to do with bounty hunter). I tried this method several times with various writers and all of them agreed with this job.

But the true thrill was when I decided to bet on the ranch and choose an opposite issue to test my writing skills.

When I approached the authors, I inquired if they were aware of my essay on global warming, immigration, and other things which had no connection to my essay. You probably already realized that all replied yes. At this moment I was done with any attempt to locate an author who had read my guidelines.

Then, I came to the conclusive conclusion: this system of bidding is a scam with an F. I’m guessing that they simply assign your bid to an unrelated writer. If you think you are entitled to choose a writer that you like, REMOVE it. If you aren’t convinced then you can try it yourself, and you’ll discover that I was correct. You just need to start asking questions that are off-the-wall and you’ll be feeling like you’re speaking to the voice of a machine.

Prices as well as Fees

Prices as well as Fees

Bid4Papers ‘ average price is around fourteen dollars to write a single-page essay with a 14-day deadline if you select Bid4Papers’ bidding method. If you choose for assigning your order to an automatic writer make sure you are prepared to pay around twenty dollars and more.

In light of my small test, I can say that regardless of the option you select your order will be fulfilled by an unidentified writer in every circumstance. There is no reason to pay more for a writer who is assigned automatically.

In general, I would affirm that the costs are expensive. I contacted a support representative regarding a Bid4Papers discount however the company doesn’t offer discounts for new customers.

Paper Quality

Paper Quality

After having no contact with writers and I decided to give up trying to find the best service here. This is why I wasn’t shocked when I discovered that the writer didn’t adhere to my precise instructions.

Perhaps he was unable to find answers to the questions I asked. I had to request revisions several times before they finally delivered the paper that met my specifications. My paper wasn’t great. Perhaps, the professor could give me a B or B- however, it isn’t an A. It was true that students were looking to make money and work in this class.

The writing quality that I received was similar to the style of the student’s writing. Thankfully I was able to get the Bid4Papers plagiarism report proved to me that there was nothing wrong and that the writing I received was unique.

Customer Support

Customer Support

My biggest disappointment is that Bid4Papers does not have live chat. I was astonished and puzzled. How could that be possible? I’m just a new user, and I am unable to do not have the opportunity to answer questions I’ve come across up to the moment, and without the use of the internet. To reach an agent, I must first sign up on the website and make an order.

Then I’m able to make a call and wait at least 5 mins until I receive a response to an inquiry. They also boast of their website their most common response times are 7 minutes 38 seconds.

Seriously? Do you think it’s something to boast about? It took me about 8 minutes to wait to be patient! On other sites, you can wait for me…hmm…at the very least, 30 seconds before an administrator responds, and then we can begin talking without interruptions.

Every time I’m faced with a problem even the most basic one, I must wait. I’m not sure why they don’t hire two agents to run live chat as all other writing firms have done.

When I asked about concerns, the support staff were not at all helpful. They gave me general responses instead of directly responding to my query. Each time I was required to contact them at least twice or three times to receive an answer from a person, not copying and pasting content from their policies. My conclusion – I was not satisfied with their customer service.

Offers and Additional Services

When you have placed an order, you will have the choice of attracting more writers to your project. You have the option of paying $4.95 to have your request included at the top of the list of orders. This will allow you to bring many more people to write for your article. I did not test this feature but I could not find a reason why it was necessary to bring new writers on my purchase as I received about 40 bids in 30 seconds, and they all had identical.

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