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Have you ever wondered why I began an essay review service? You might be wondering if it is possible to be sure of the reviews?

I am William Grabe. I have been an active member of a once-popular forum https://essayscam.org/forum/ until it turned spam in 2016.

Let me share a few things about myself.

I’ve been associated for many years with review sites and forums that reveal scam essay companies. My friends can be sure of the joy I am when I detect something suspicious particularly when it pertains to scam services!

I’ve worked on a variety of investigations and discovered many Ukrainian and Pakistani fraud essay services. Gradually, I began to enjoy the investigation!

It’s now an entire pastime.

What is the reason I have to stop fraudulent essay services?

I’m completely sincere with you!

I was always apprehensive about writing papers and essays, and I hated those awful term essays in high school. There was just no way to get around the term papers!

I worked for hours and could have enjoyed watching a film or hanging out with my friends.

What made me feel frustrated, greater, was the complete uselessness of these programs.

What is the reason you must justify the value of a poem’s name? What could 500 words about the reproductive system of a toad aid me shortly? I never even thought of becoming a biologist!

I was hoping to find some relief after I graduated from college. But, boy, was I never so misguided!

The number of essays has not just increased, but the number of presentation papers, essays lab reports, and other assignments began to accumulate!

I was buried beneath the load. All this while I had just begun dating the woman of my dreams!

I was forced to cancel appointments just to complete my projects.

My plight was beyond my limits One day, I simply wrote “can someone write my essay on my behalf” into Google. I didn’t realize that there are a lot of essay writing services waiting to take your inquiry!

I was spoiled with options!

I came across before me many websites promising to provide A+-quality essays. Like a fool, put my order in and never received my essay.

I was thinking this could be an exception, but it turned out to be a poor company. But, I was wrong!

A majority of the companies I used did not meet my expectations, they either sent me copies of the content or stole my money. After a while, I realized I needed to end this.

Scammers cannot just continue to rob students of their money and then let them go. This is exactly why I chose to shut down fake essay writing services.

Scam essay writing services for many years

For a long time, I’ve been reviewing essay writing services. I have sent actual essays to examine the various aspects of service for essays, for instance.

  • Quality
  • Originality
  • The writing skills of the experts
  • Time to deliver
  • Charges
  • Engagement

I aim to provide you with the finest services that are original and provide quality work. I conduct real-time studies, and research services and make orders to check their reliability.

Only then do I include any essay writing service on my website.

A lot of people have asked me what I am doing and why.

To be honest, I do get pleasure from uncovering fraudsters! I feel this excitement and thrill when I have to prove something using evidence. It has now become a habit.

Of course, I wish to ensure that students don’t spend their money or time on scams. Additionally, they could end up risking their careers since many of these essay sites will send back your data to universities.

I’m here to guide students to make the right decision. I don’t want any of you to be a victim of loss or fail to submit your application on time. So, every review I post on my website is thoroughly researched and completely independent.

Additionally, I do not sell advertising space or share my opinions. You can always count on me like a trusted best friend.

Do not hesitate to ask me queries if you have any! I’m here to answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction toward a career that is successful.

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