36 Master Bedroom Updates For Fall & Winter

Perhaps for most of us, the word “luxury” and our bedrooms don’t necessarily go hand in hand. What should be a sanctuary of peace and relaxation often becomes the room where we dump stuff, from shopping to laundry. Here are few simple ideas to help you transform bedroom hell into bedroom heaven!

The first idea might be a little controversial, but try removing the TV altogether. Many of us have a tendency to reach straight for the remote and put the TV on, and whilst always good to enjoy a film now and again, TV often stimulates us rather than helping us chill out. Put the laundry where it should be and any kids toys that are lingering in their own rooms and a more restful atmosphere is already within reach.

Examine the decor, bedding and flooring. Are they in need of replacing or could they be updated with a few changes and still work within your new theme of luxury?

Lighting – Lighting is very often neglected in the bedroom, but by replacing your old lampshade with a glass chandelier or replacing old, tired lamps with new glass ones, you can soon start promoting that feeling of opulence and glamour.

Bedding – Whether you are keeping or replacing your existing bedding, it’s very simple to add a quilted throw and some quilted cushions for extravagance.

Rugs – Whether you have wooden flooring or carpets, a couple of sheepskin rugs will make the room both contemporary and more elaborate. Not to mention feeling gorgeous underfoot!

Curtains – It’s always best to stick to a full length curtain for a feeling of indulgence. Silk or any shiny material will help the window area look grand.

Paintings – A few tasteful paintings hung well, will add interest and give the room a ‘grown up’ feel.

Furniture – Probably one of the most important things to consider when transforming your room into a tasteful boudoir is the furniture.

Mirrored furniture is a clever way of creating a quality touch in the room without needing to break the bank. As part of the de-cluttering process sliding wardrobe doors adorned with mirrors could be the answer. Sliding door wardrobes are not only incredibly practical but the mirrored doors will enhance the rest of your mirror furniture and also make the room feel much larger than it really is.

Finishing Touches – Lastly, light some nicely scented candles and turn the lights down. You might just forget where you are, at least until the kids get home.