35+ Cozy Home Decorating Ideas For Girls Bedrooms

Modern apartments do not provide one with a great deal of space and the bedrooms can be smaller than we would like them to be. In order to fit in all the bedroom furniture you would like to have, careful selection is required. To begin with, you would want to paint the walls of your small bedroom in pale, neutral colors. Ivory, cream or very pale pastels give you scope to play around with furniture options, as well as brighten the room and give it a more spacious appearance. Refrain from opting for patterned wall paper since it makes the room appear a lot smaller and has every chance of clashing with the furniture you are going to place against it.

Ideally, you would want to look at smaller furniture – a queen sized bed, for instance, instead of a king sized one, and a fold-open desk instead of a study table. Consider choosing modular bedroom furniture which is visually more streamlined compared to the cluttered appearance of individual pieces put together. Go in for the paler wood options such as rubber-wood, maple or pine and place the furniture flush with the walls so as to maximize elbow room. You don’t want to trip over jutting out legs of tables, and you could even make space for a rug which gives that added coziness.

Bedroom furniture that maximizes storage space makes life more comfortable in a small bedroom. Rather than open shelves, you might consider a chest of drawers, the surface of which could double as a dressing table or make space for your favorite books. Go in for the slimmer version of drawers, desks or bureaus. You won’t miss the four-inch depth and it would go a long way in opening up the central, moving around space in the room. Pull-out drawers beneath beds can provide a huge amount of storage and actually lend the room a sleeker appearance. If more than one child occupies a bedroom, bunk beds are an attractive option. Children also have great affinity to bunk beds and it saves precious floor space. Make certain, however, that the bunk bed is not placed anywhere near a fan to avoid accidents. Loft beds are equally appealing to children. The space below the elevated bed could house a study table and provide ample space to spread out the computer, games and paraphernalia so vital to a child. Futons are rapidly gaining in popularity. They contribute to more day-time space within the room, while providing lounge space.

To make available as much wall space as possible, it might be a good idea to opt for skylights rather than windows, in smaller bedrooms. They provide considerably more light too, which is always an advantage in a small room. The additional wall space could be utilized for more bedroom furniture or to put up wall hangings or photographs. Opt for wall mounted electric lights to free up space that table lamps would occupy. The skillful use of mirrors provides yet more light and the illusion of space.


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